Founded Devnews Italia

Founded Devnews Italia

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During the summer of 2016 I started an Italian community website and blog, where I frequently publish tutorials guides and news regarding programming and tech.

I Created this website initially as an exercise for learning Node.js and to better understand web development. However, I continued working on this project as I saw that this platform could potentially be used to publish articles and help the Italian developing community.

I mainly use this platform to publish web development guides, but I also use it to talk about recent news, small non tech tutorials, or product reviews.

I have recently hit the 5k visitors per month mark, and even though this is not very much, I find it rewarding to know that people are using my website to learn things.

As many Italian developers usually have a good understanding of the English language, I try to stay away from advanced topics and focus on beginner-friendly content that would be more useful for a younger audience.